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Get started

Ready to begin with BoothBook?

Once you are ready to go ahead with BoothBook, there are a few steps you will need to take in order to be ready.

  1. Complete the BoothBook application form

    Fill out our BoothBook registration form in order to begin your application. After submitting your form, provided that your subdomain is configured asap, setup can usually be done on the same day. Each instance of BoothBook is a separate website, with your own bandwidth and hosting allowance, bespoke subdomain and settings dashboard.

    Register with BoothBook

    (You will be sent back here after creating your account)

  2. Choose and Create your subdomain / Edit your DNS records

    Why do we ask you to this?

    You will need to log in to the place you manage your websites domain, and edit the DNS settings to create an A NAME record to point to our IP address BoothBook Server:

    Need help? Watch a tutorial video

    If you are stuck with this, it is likely easier for you to contact your registrar, however we can help if necessary. Just contact us to book a support slot, and we will configure your domains DNS free of charge!

    Please note: We cannot begin your setup until we can see your subdomain pointed at our server. If you need help, just ask!
  3. Register for a Stripe Account

    Our recommended payment provider is Stripe. We use stripe because there are no monthly fees, the transaction costs are low compared to other providers, and dashboard is extremely simple to use. You can also process your own refunds, and manage how often money is deposited into your account. Perhaps the biggest plus is that you do not have to complete a PCI compliance report using stripe, yet you can still take card payments through your website. (We don't earn a commission for recommending them, they are just the best!). Registering is free, and your account will be in test mode until you verify yourself.

    Register for a Stripe Account