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BoothBook is a monthly recurring service, suitable for all sizes of business.

It takes online bookings through your website, it is themed to look exactly like your current website, calculates travel fees for customers, manages your staff and their availability on their own calendars, takes additional payments, checks unit availability, gives customers a management portal, helps up-sell your services in packages to help you earn more, and sends reminders and notifications, all for the price of a daily cup of coffee.

It's also a lot cheaper than hiring someone to do all that work, and be there 24/7

Is BoothBook for me?

Do you have more than one photobooth, and have staff or subcontractors helping you to run events? Then yes. BoothBook will change your life! It will save you at least an hour of admin work per day, and give you the freedom to concentrate on other aspects of your business to help you expand.

What if I only have one booth and run events myself?

We all started with one booth. We normally start out balancing the booth around a full time job, and often struggle to reply to customers during work hours. Most of the time customers want to pay deposits, or pay their balance, or just view the details of their booking. BoothBook can do all of this for you, and aims to take hours of work our of your daily schedule to help you expand faster. For businesses just starting out, it is definitely a considered purchase, but you will see the benefits immediately, and if BoothBook helps you get that extra booking at least once a month, then it is definitely worth it.
Worst case scenario? Have a free trial, then try it live for one month. If you don't want it, just cancel - no fees, no lengthy tied-in subscription.

What other options are out there?

There are multitudes of capable software available to accomplish similar tasks, but we found ourselves paying a monthly fee to four other pieces of software;
One for running a CRM, another for Staff Rotas & Reminders, another for invoicing, and another for taking bookings through our website.
What we ended up with, was more work just to get the four to run together, and they didn't do that very well.
We built BoothBook to do the jobs of 4 individual bits of software, and do it well.

To be completely honest, we haven't found any other system that even comes close

So come on then, how much?

Please note: BoothBook is charged in GBP, but works in all countries, and all currencies. We have members in the USA, Canada, Australia, and all over Europe. When looking at the tier limits below, you would need to surpass all limitations to upgrade, not just one.

Unlimited FREE trial, constant updates, brand new features, and support all included, as well as all of the following...

£19+ VATper month
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£39+ VATper month
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£59+ VATper month
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Perfect for... those of you just getting started with your first booth the more established businesses with 1 - 5 booths the pros with a fleet of booths and staff
Bookings Cap None / Unlimited None / Unlimited None / Unlimited
Upcoming Bookings 40 80 Unlimited
Users / Staff 5 15 Unlimited
Packages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Units / Booths & Availability 1 5 Unlimited
Unit Types 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Services 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Extras Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Electronic Contract Signs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Travel Fee Look-ups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Credit / Debit Card Payments YES YES YES
iOS and Android App YES YES YES
Client Portal / Login YES YES YES
Website Integration IFrame Widget IFrame Widget IFrame Widget
SMS Bonus 0 10 50
Automatic Backup Every 6 Hours Every 6 Hours Every 6 Hours
Trial Period Unlimited - only add card details when you are ready to go live!
Support Facebook Group / Email / Phone Facebook Group / Email / Phone Anytime
Start your free trial Start your free trial Start your free trial
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Want an in-depth walkthrough of setting up the software and processing a booking? Watch the Quick Start Video

Trial Period

BoothBook offers an unlimited time free trial for all new customers. Customers can take all the time they need to get setup but must provide valid card details to go live. Customers have the right to cancel at any time during the trial. The first payment will be taken automatically as soon as the system goes live.

Set up fees

BoothBook offers free set up to all users. Each BoothBook customer has a dedicated installation, with their own bandwidth and storage. This installation process can take between 1 and 24 hours.

Contract Period

There is no minimum contract period. BoothBook is a pay-as-you-go monthly service. You will be billed monthly for the month ahead, and have the right to cancel, or freeze your account (if your business is seasonal) whenever you need to.

Booking Fees

BoothBook never charges booking fees per booking, and never takes a percentage of your turnover. Our plans are completely unlimited and transparent, we want to see you grow, not charge more money as you get more successful.